Albanian beaches

Lots of people, Albanians included, go to other countries for summer holidays; however, there are plenty of amazing Albanian beaches one can spend time into. These are mostly non-touristy beaches, and pretty affordable (especially for Westerners).

Plenty of Albanian beaches are still so pristine. There are beaches that can be reached only on foot – making them perfect for those who want to have the whole beach to themselves. Most of these beaches are virgin beaches and yours to discover. There are beaches where tourists have not reached yet (nor have I for that matter). However, there are certain beaches that I’ve been visiting more often and those that I’ve visited less but totally love and I’m going to share those with you.

Kepi i Rodonit (Rodon Cape)

Beautiful beach between Tirana and Durrës. Not very touristy still and it also hosts a church and a castle of Skenderbeu.

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Durrës beaches used to be very popular with Kosovo citizens, in particular when going to Albania took about 12 hours due to the lack of a highway. They are still lovely though and you could definitely spend some time there.

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Velipoja Beach is in northern Albania, near Shkodra. It’s more like a family beach site with sand beaches, plenty of accommodation choices and lovely sites. It is increasing its capacity to accommodate more people.

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I went to Karaburun Sazan Marine National Park this year for the first time and I loved it. I took a boat tour from Vlora and we got to spend about three hours before we went around Sazan island and went back to the city. It’s as beautiful as you can see. Also, not that many tourists there either so go and enjoy yourselves.

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The first time I went to Jal was, I think, in 2010 and enjoyed it although at that time it wasn’t as developed as it is today. Last year, I camped at Jal Camping and loved it so much I went back this year again (and probably I’m going back one more time during this summer).

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Gjiri i akuariumit (Aquarium Bay)

A small bay reached on foot for about 25 minutes from Jal (or by car) which is so lovely that I’m recommending to anyone visiting the south of Albania. Not that many people, crystal clear water, and you can also camp there (just remember to bring food and drinks with you).

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Porto Palermo

A small beach near Himarë where you can spend a lovely time. There’s also a castle of Ali Pashë Tepelena build for Vasiliqe, his wife. Lovely view, interesting history, and a very good restaurant nearby with a lovely view of this particular beach.

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Have you been to any of these beaches? Have you been to other beaches you loved?

Looking for more Albanian beaches? Check out this video!

Thanks to members of the Facebook group Kosovo Girl Travels for submitting their pictures. If you’re an Albanian or Albanian speaking girl/women, join us!


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Albanian beaches

6 thoughts on “Photo post: Albanian beaches – go your own way

  1. U have a way with photos- they r absolutely gorgeous pics. You do every bit of justice to the host country. More power to girls like u. Amen

    1. hey Julie. Yes, that’s true. Not very touristy yet, but it’s increasing. There are so many secret beaches yet to be discovered.

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