Kosovo Girl Travels: Seen on…

As a blogger, it’s also important to be in good relation with other bloggers by writing for their sites, doing collaborations, and even being on the media to talk about your job. Being the first travel blogger from Kosovo has given me the advantage to be more vocal and be invited to talk in TV shows or write on other travel blogger’s sites about my experiences and challenges.

Here you can find more information about where else to find my content:

Guest posts

  • Telling someone else’s story isn’t easy/possible. That’s why Budget Bucket List offered space for me in her blog to tell Kosovo’s story and tips for travelers.
  • There are many coffee places I love to go in my city, Pristina, but I had to pick one for Fill my PASSPORT. Check out which is the place I recommend.
  • I wrote a guest post for More Native Than the Natives which summarizes the main points about Kosovo. It gives some information about Kosovo, in general, about tips for first timers, and about places and activities to do.
  • I wrote a piece for Kosovo 2.0 about my experience in Thailand when I almost got stuck because of visa issues


  • As a woman solo traveler, there are tips and tricks to keep you safe. Read my and other women travelers’ contribution for YoWangdu Experience Tibet
  • Kosovo made it to the Best places to visit in Summer 2019 by Universal Traveller. Check out why and what to do there.
  • One of the most frequent questions about Kosovo is if it’s safe to travel to. Read this post by Kami and the Rest of the World which brings different perspectives of travelers who have been there including my local perspective
  • I love coffee. That’s why I contributed to Coffee Culture Around the World for A girl and her passport
  • I wrote about Chicago celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in this part two of 60+World Rituals, Festivals & Ceremonies Worth Travelling for Wander-Lush.
  • My hometown made it to the list of 61 places to visit in Balkans. Thanks to Anita Hendrieka for including my collab to represent Gjilan.
  • Solo travel as a female isn’t easy. There are many obstacles and issues one need to be cautious of. However, there are countries where you can travel and enjoy your time. I recommended one for the Eastern countries. Find out here in my contribution I wrote for Luxurious Lifestyles.
  • I recommended one of the best free things to do in Europe for LooknWalk. Check it out to see which one.
  • I contributed with a recommendation for the 30 Places to Visit in Your 30s for Adventures with NieNie. In case you want to know what I recommended, check out the post.
  • I contributed to Footsteps of a Dreamer article on celebrating independence by providing an overview of how our Independence Day is celebrated in Kosovo.
  • I contributed to an article on passport privilege and traveling on a weak passport (my Kosovo passport) published at WanderlustingK.

Media presence

  • I was invited at Promenadë Vere at T7 to talk about my travel experiences
  • I was invited to Opinion TV Show on TV Klan in Albania to talk about the desire to know the world alongside with other travelers. (This is in Albanian only!)
  • I co-organized the action to collect donations for the Women’s shelter in Gjilan and Prishtina Insight wrote a piece on this.

Featured profile

  • I was interviewed for Hear it from locals about Pristina. Check it out for some tips on things to do and see in Pristina.
  • I was invited in the Passport Series Podcast by Sunshine Chasers where we spoke about various topics – what’s traveling on a Kosovo passport like, life in South Sudan, volunteering and others.
  • Sander from Ars Currendi compiled a list of 30 Unique Travel Bloggers to follow in 2019, and guess what? I am one of them. See this list here and find out more people to follow and get inspired from.
  • I was interviewed by Maps ‘N Bags and talked about my city Pristina through my eyes.
  • USAID wrote a piece that features me as their scholar in my efforts to travel the world despite the visa processes and the non-recognition of Kosovo.
  • Long before blogging, I was featured at Common Purpose at their series of posts about #HeyWhatsItLike … to travel from a small country.


  • I was invited by Venture UP to talk about my travel experiences and share tips with students on how they can also travel without breaking the bank.


  • Spotted by Locals wrote a piece on what to see and do in Pristina (for free) and included my website as a “good website … for insightful tips…”.
  • Letters from the Balkans featured me in their post about Kosovo for National Geographic Traveler Italy
  • WanderlustingK mentioned our meeting through Instagram as one of the ways to meet locals when traveling