Pristina, Kosovo

Who would have thought to visit Kamenica while in Kosovo? Most of the tourists (and locals) visit Prizren whenever they have a free day. Even I don’t think of Kamenica as a town I’d go for a visit. You could find me there only if I have something to do or someone to visit. In 2014, you could find me there for two months straight when I used to work with Peace Corps Kosovo.

However, Jakob Weizman from Denmark who moved to Kosovo thinks Kamenica is a must see when here. I’ll explain why later.

Jakob lives, studies, and work in Kosovo. He heard about my country through the RIT Kosovo (AUK) Summer Program. He fell in love with the place, people, and the hospitality and decided to move to Kosovo. Jakob saw the potential for Kosovo’s growth and while being here as a journalist to help made him fall head over heels for my country.

The pride of Kuq e Zi, namely Albanians in general, is what Jakob likes the most about Kosovo. (The latest hot topic in the whole sports world with the double-headed eagle made by the two Albanian players in the Swiss National Team after scoring against Serbia in the World Cup 2018 in Russia is a perfect example of how Albanians are proud of their ethnicity and how they use any opportunity to show it.) On the other hand, the traditional backward mentality that is “50 years behind” is what he doesn’t like about Kosovo.

Visit Kamenica – the must-see while in Kosovo

Kamenica (or Dardana as locals call it) is a must visit when in Kosovo according to Jakob. The reason to visit Kamenica is that it’s a beautiful hiking experience, he says, that encapsulates the wonderful nature of Kosovo. Jakob says it’s especially amazing in the fall when the trees are colorful (I’ll have to go and see it in fall myself).

Jakob believes that Kosovo newborn generation will bring change and confidence. He believes Kosovo can do great things for the world and is more than happy to be part of it. According to Jakob “times may be stressful now but the future is bright and so is the country itself with its beauty”.


visit Kamenica

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