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April 21, 2020 5 Comments

In March 2018, I was highlighted by USAID Kosovo as one of the “Women Making History Today” because of this blog and the efforts I’m putting to travel despite all the visa issues and the non-recognition of my Kosovo passport and/or my country. In addition, USAID considered me as someone encouraging more women to travel and also spreading awareness of my home country.

I am honored to have been recognized and I commit to keeping it up for as long as I can breathe.

In the same month, I became part of USAID’s #WomenConnect Challenge to close the digital gender divide. My role is in using technology to promote traveling for women and Kosovo. Both things are very difficult to do: the first because of the many obstacles and societal limitations and the latter due to the lack of recognition from many countries or the long-lasting visa processes a Kosovo citizen has to undergo for a weekend trip in most of the countries in the world.

Have you heard about these Albanian women travel bloggers?

I want to introduce you to some Albanian women travel bloggers who are doing the same or even better job in traveling the world than I am. (No numbering and the order doesn’t show any ranking of importance. It’s just that someone has to be the first and so on).

Travelling with Sonila

Sonila shares her adventures in the East on the search for cultures, stories, food, meetings, and spirituality. You can follow her blog and read all about the experiences and get new ideas for your bucket list.

Travelling with Sonila, Albanian travel blogger
Travelling with Sonila

Arineta Mula

Arineta is not your typical traveler. She’s a hiker, a mountain lover. You can follow this lovely Kosovo woman’s adventures both in Kosovo and in the world on her blog or on her Instagram account.


Albania is the place

Albania is the place is another blog managed by Romina, or as she calls it a mini-guide “to inspire people, push them to explore, and make them comprehend the great natural and cultural variety of this wonderful country, still unknown to many.”


Deli Mucollari Cruise Blog

Deli Mucollari Cruise Blog is exclusively on cruise travels and it is in the Albanian language. You can find information on things you need to know when traveling on a cruise, things you need to bring with you, and what it means to work for a cruise company.


There are a few expats who live in Kosovo or Albania and blog about our beautiful countries. One is Anita Hendrieka who moved all the way to Saranda, Albania from New Zealand and writes all about living in Albania as an expat and also beautiful places and her weekly “aventurës” (adventures). Check her blog out – you may also remember that she was one of the travel bloggers in my series on Travel Bloggers Say about Kosovo.

The other one is Alice Taylor, or better known as The Balkanista, a British-born blogger who moved to Albania and now writes about all things Albania. Check out her posts for everyday life in Albania, important events, and insight into living as an expat.

Do you know any other Albanian woman travel blogger?

Let me know in the comments!



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