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Tomorrow, Kosovo celebrates its 16th Independence Anniversary, so I thought I’d give you a list of 16 things to know, do, and/or see. I generally don’t do lists as I think traveling is personal and subjective, but, well, here it goes. Kosovo has something to offer for everyone: history buffs, adventure seekers, lovers of nature or cities, or digital nomads. Before reading below, check out the FAQ on Kosovo.

Here are THE things (I’m joking, you can do other things or disagree with me):

  1. Explore Pristina: Start your journey in the capital city, Pristina. Though often neglected by travelers, Pristina has a few places worth seeing and also a coffee/chill culture like nowhere else. With a great variety of cafes and restaurants, friendly locals, and cultural and historical attractions, I’m sure everyone can find something. There are a few MUST places such as the Newborn Monument, Ethnographic Museum, and Heroinat Memorial. Weekend in Pristina, Kosovo
  2. Discover Prizren: Absolutely a gem in Kosovo. Prizren is known as the cultural capital of Kosovo; it is a lovely town with cobblestone streets, Ottoman architecture (“thanks to the Ottoman occupation for centuries), and the picturesque backdrop of the Sharr Mountains. Don’t miss trekking to the historic Prizren Fortress and visiting the stunning Sinan Pasha Mosque. Visit beautiful Prizren: the old Kosovo city
  3. Hike in Rugova Gorge: If you are a nature lover, then Rugova Gorge is a must-see. It offers a captivating beauty; a stunning canyon carved by the Rugova River and plenty of hiking tracks for all kinds of hikers. There are several accommodation options and the local organic food is to die for. When you are done with it, just before leaving Peja, you can visit the Patriarchate of Peja, one of the UNESCO Heritage sites.
  4. Admire the views at Mirusha Waterfalls: Hidden away in the countryside near the town of Klina, Mirusha Waterfalls offer a tranquil escape and the opportunity to swim in the refreshing pools beneath the cascading water.
  5. Savor Kosovo Cuisine: Indulge in the flavors of Kosovo cuisine, which blends influences from Turkish, Albanian, and Serbian culinary traditions. Don’t miss trying traditional dishes like flija (layered pancake pie), qebapa (grilled meat skewers), and baklava. Pristina best places to eat and drink | A local’s guide
  6. Learn about Kosovo’s History: Gain insight into Kosovo’s complex history by visiting museums and historical sites such as the Kosovo Museum and the Ethnological Museum in Pristina, which showcase artifacts and exhibits spanning centuries. 10 attractions to visit in Kosovo on its 10th independence anniversary
  7. Experience Kosovo’s Festivals: Immerse yourself in Kosovo’s vibrant cultural scene by attending one of the many festivals held throughout the year, such as the Dokufest documentary film festival in Prizren or other events throughout Kosovo. A Local’s Guide to Popular Events in Kosovo
  8. Shop at Pristina’s Bazaar and explore the old part of the capital: Explore the colorful stalls and lively atmosphere of Pristina’s Old Bazaar, where you can browse for local crafts, souvenirs, and fresh produce while soaking in the authentic ambiance.
  9. Marvel at Gracanica Monastery: Admire the stunning Byzantine architecture of Gracanica Monastery, another UNESCO World Heritage Site located near Pristina. Dating back to the 14th century, this monastery is renowned for its exquisite frescoes and serene atmosphere.
  10. Visit the Bear Sanctuary: This is a place you don’t want to miss on your trip to Kosovo. Take half a day and go visit the bears and John, the lion, who were rescued from various restaurants in Kosovo and now are well taken care of by a professional team.

  11. Visit the archeological park of Ulpiana: Located in Gracanica, this old Roman town can be visited to marvel at its history. It can be combined with the nearby attractions and provides insights into the history of Kosovo.
  12. Witness the beauty of Gadime Cave: Embark on a unique underground adventure at Gadime Cave, also known as Marble Cave, located near the town of Lipjan. Enjoy the various figures created over centuries.
  13. Experience Traditional Music and Dance: Attend a concert or a wedding and enjoy the festivities. I don’t enjoy the weddings, personally, but that doesn’t mean you won’t! Modern weddings are not very different from the rest of the Western world, but if you happen to be in a traditional one, that would probably be much more fun and exciting.
  14. Discover Decani Monastery: Journey to the western part of Kosovo to visit Decani Monastery, a medieval Orthodox monastery renowned for its stunning architecture and priceless collection of medieval frescoes.
  15. Relax by one of the lakes, natural or artificial: You can escape the hustle of city life with a peaceful retreat to Lake Badovc (Prishtina), Lake Batllava (Podujeva), Lake Livoc (Gjilan), or others around Kosovo surrounded by picturesque scenery where you can swim, fish, or simply relax and enjoy the tranquility.livoc, Kosovo, Kosovo lake
  16. Learn about Kosovo’s Craftsmanship: Discover the traditional crafts of Kosovo, from filigree jewelry to colorful woven carpets, by visiting artisan workshops and galleries in towns like Prizren and Gjakova.
  17. Visit the Memorial Complex Adem Jashari in Prekaz: a visit to Kosovo isn’t complete without visiting this complex that showcases the sacrifice the Jashari family went through so that Kosovo is free and independent.
  18. Adrenaline-boost experiences: For adrenaline seekers, Kosovo offers several options as well. One can do a zipline in Pogragje, Gjilan, and combine it with a trek to its castle, or in Rugova Gorge, Peja, and combine it with a lovely time in the Adventure Park or the Via Ferrata. Another option is to do paragliding with Kabashi Paragliding in the beautiful mountains there.paragliding Kosovo, Kosovo, visit Kosovo
  19. Visit Letnica, where Saint Mother Teresa got its call to service: Many people don’t know that Saint Mother Teresa got its call to service in this little village in the Municipality of Vitia called Letnica. I went very late to visit the Church, and that was when I was working with someone from that village.
  20. Engage with Locals: Finally, immerse yourself in the warm hospitality of Kosovo’s people by having conversations with locals, sampling homemade rakija (fruit brandy), and experiencing firsthand the warmth and generosity for which Kosovo is known.

What else would you add?


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