A Visit to India? Can’t happen at the moment!

April 5th, 2017 14 Comments

I have researched a lot the Kosovo India relationships and I’ve come up with zero information. I was interested into this as I met lots of people coming from all different countries and cultures while living in the US during my studies. My network extended to China, India, Brazil, Colombia, and where not (Chicago is a very international city and so was my university). I did become good friends with many other students in Chicago through studies and also extracurricular activities that I attended. I keep in touch with most of them via social media. Sometimes, with a smaller group of friends, we video call so we can catch up on each other’s lives.

Lastly, one of my friends, an Indian, shared the news of his marriage and invited me to his wedding celebration. I got really excited about the news and for the chance given to experience an Indian wedding. They seem to be happy, ceremonious, lively festivities. However, my excitement didn’t last long as I remembered that my trip to India is impossible at the moment. India doesn’t recognize Kosovo, nor Kosovo passport; thus, I won’t be able to travel to India.

I was talking to another good Indian friend of mine and shared this info with her about the wedding invitation. She said she also wanted me to be at her wedding, which is probably happening early next year. So now two friends are getting married and I can’t attend their weddings. All this because I was BORN in KOSOVO and I hold a Kosovo passport. But we don’t get to choose our birthplace. However, we should be able to go around the world if we wish and can afford it.

When I looked at the Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website, it said I could obtain an Indian visa at the Indian Embassy in Belgrade. I got excited about it and called the Indian Embassy in Belgrade to get more information. The Embassy employee said that if I only have a Kosovo passport, there is no way I could get a visa.

I was pleading with her to consider issuing a visa on paper for Kosovo citizens. Greek Liaison Office in Prishtina used to issue a visa on paper some years ago (prior to allowing us to travel on a Schengen visa). I tried that in vain, as she was firm about her position that there’s no way to get a visa with a Kosovo passport.

So here I am, unable to visit a country of such diverse cultures, traditions, beliefs, foods, and festivities. Unable to visit the Taj Mahal, one of the new seven wonders of the world, or Kolkata (Calcutta), where Saint Teresa of Calcutta (of Albanian origin, born Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu) spent most of her life.

What are your CAN’T TRAVEL places (if you have any)?





  • Dear kosovogirl,

    Nice to see your post and all your comments about India. I am an Indian and I am dating a guy from Kosovo. We plan to get married and obviously we are facing many challenges esp from his parents side. But we are determined to make this through. We live in one of the peaceful and small GCC countries and we both work here and that’s how we met.

    I was checking on the net the legal process of getting married and what is the best option. I understand that Indiaand Kosovo don’t have any diplomatic relations and hence it would be difficult getting married in either of the places. Is it possible to get married it albania instead? or any other third country?we don’t plan to settle either in India or Kosovo for now.

    We both hold passports of our own countries.
    Appreciate any feedback or information on this.

    Thank you

    • Dear friend,
      It makes me happy to see two people fighting for their love despite the differences other people have made us believe there are. It is true there is no diplomatic relations between the two countries; however, Indian citizens can enter Kosovo any time. I’d advise you to reach out to the Ministry of Interior Affairs in Kosovo and ask there if you can legally get married.
      Why aren’t you getting married in your country of residence? Isn’t that allowed?
      I don’t think it’s possible to get married in other countries where you’re not a resident, but don’t take my word for granted as I haven’t tried it (yet or ever haha).
      Good luck! I’d love to hear how your story goes😀

      • Many thanks for replying! Truly appreciate it. We are yet to find out if we can legally get married in our place of residence. I do not think this place has a kosovo embassy but we do have an indian embassy and am yet to find out if we can get registered here or not. I would love to get married in a church back in my country – India, but I dont think that is allowed.

        I will now check the possibility of your advice of reaching the Ministry of Interior Affairs in Kosovo and will find out the process.

        Will keep you updated. Many thanks again for replying!

  • Hi, I realize that you try for Indian Visa. Even I tried to seek Indian visa for business but I know its not possible coz there is no diplomacy between India and Kosovo. If you think to solve this problem as a wider issue then you should lobby with MFA Kosovo. All the best…

    • Hey Valdet,
      Thank you for your comment. There have been many people who have tried to get an Indian visa, but unsuccessfully. I do understand that there is no diplomatic relation between the two countries. However, there is an Indo-Kosovo Chamber of Commerce operating both in India and Kosovo that MFA should use to establish diplomatic channels and they are not doing it. Although MFA is aware of its existence (I know this as I work with IKCOC), it seems like MFA has no interest in establishing any relation whatsoever.

    • Hey, Rabinant,
      No, I don’t have a Serbian passport. Although I understand your point, that wouldn’t solve the problem. I am looking forward to a solution for all Kosovo citizens and not for certain individuals (myself in this case). After all, nonrecognition is a product of politics 🙁

      • Hi Kosovo girl. I have travelled all around the world on a British passport and believe there is not a country in the world where I am not allowed entry ( some are very difficult ).
        Really feel for you, as you say it should be the right of every world citizen to visit the whole world in peace and friendship.
        Also enjoyed my brief travels in Kosovo.
        Hope you find a way to India.

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