Pristina, Kosovo

Kosovo New Born

Kosovo has everything for everyone says Iuliana from Romania, travel blogger.
Iuliana Marchian, Romania
Iuliana Marchian – her courtesy

Iuliana Marchian from Romania writes about her experiences at Authentic Travels and did a visit to Kosovo in 2017. She spent about two weeks in my little country.

Since she lives in Romania, a neighbouring country of former-Yugoslavia, Iuliana heard about Kosovo since the war in late nineties. She says “It was strange to stay at home, in your armchair watching TV, while over the border there was a war.”

What did Iuliana like about Kosovo?

In Kosovo, she enjoyed the cultural and religious blend a lot. Iuliana explains “Here you see an Orthodox church, there you see a mosque. Here you see Christians celebrating Virgin Mary, there you see Muslims traditionally dressed rushing to the 5-o’clock call-to-prayer. It is very interesting to witness how these communities had to find a way of living together.”

Although a small country, Kosovo has everything for everybody: historic towns (Prizren, Peja), scenic landscapes (Prevalla, Rugova Valley and Gorges), and great hikes (it features a section of the Peak of the Balkans hiking trail).

Prizren, Kosovo
Prizren, Kosovo – courtesy of Iuliana

She has written about her travel in this blog post – take a look. Also, follow her travels on Instagram.

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