Museum of Broken Relationships Kosovo

Museum of Broken Relationships Kosovo

Update: this was a one-time event but I’ll leave this post here so that you can read what it was all about.


Museum of Broken Relationships Kosovo opened at the beginning of this month (May). It is a museum dedicated to collecting and maintaining items left behind after breakups. The Brokenships (a nickname) in Kosovo consists of a temporary exhibition of items donated by people all over the world.

I came to know about the existence of this kind of museum when I was asking for recommendations for my trip to Zagreb. Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb was the top recommendation and present in almost all of them. People said it’s a MUST-SEE in Zagreb, so I made it one of the main stops. They weren’t wrong at all because I enjoyed my time there and now I recommend it to others visiting Zagreb.

After the visit to Zagreb, I started seeing ads on social media about the Museum of Broken Relationships in Kosovo. Initially, I thought it was only a copy of the museum and didn’t pay much attention to it. However, as time got closer and I checked the website of Brokenships, I saw that Pristina, Kosovo was also there.

I started “supporting” them – well I only shared some Instagram stories and posts urging people to donate and/or visit the Museum and visited it myself. I spent about an hour there reading through stories and at times laughing or almost crying with some of them.

Where to find the Museum of Broken Relationships Kosovo?

Museum of Broken Relationships Kosovo is located in Street Ibrahim Lutfiu, better known as the street to Gërmia, near the National Museum of Kosovo in a glass building within the Archaeological Park.

It is open daily (until June 1, 2018) from 10:00 – 21:00 and the entry ticket is only 2 EURO.


With this changing weather, this is a perfect place to escape the rain and have a double-win situation – winning as you avoid getting soaked and winning as you come to realize how people despite the suffering and pain they feel still are able to move on with their life!


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