Celebrating Ethiopian New Year 2012 – in 2019!

On September 12, 2019 I was celebrating Ethiopian New Year 2012! Yes, you read it correctly! 2012! I have actually forgotten where did I celebrate 2012 but, for sure, I’ll remember the Ethiopian New Year 2012. How did I end up in a celebration of Ethiopian New Year 2012 – in 2019? The Ethiopian Battalion […]

Visit Djibouti – one of the least visited countries in the world

I have to confess that Djibouti was not in my list of travels planned (and I’m not talking for this year but not at all on my radar). I was planning my trip to Ethiopia and for some unknown reason to me at the moment I thought since I’m going to Danakil Depression, I might […]

Your guide to Entebbe, Uganda

Entebbe, Uganda is my transit hub ever since I started working with UNMISS about five months ago. Any time I go home or go for a holiday I go through Entebbe as it is cheaper to fly out from there than Juba. Therefore, I often get to spend time in Entebbe  and explore it. What […]