South Sudan – the start of a new journey

I’m moving to South Sudan! I have decided once again to move abroad and this time I’m moving to South Sudan, the newest country in the world. The first time I moved abroad was in 2014 when I got a scholarship for Master’s studies and moved to Chicago for about two years. Now, it’s been […]

Two weeks in Bangladesh – all you need to know

Spending two weeks in Bangladesh hadn’t been in my short-term plan; however, circumstances were so that I decided to explore this Asian country with my friend with whom I work in Yambio, South Sudan. Even the Bangladeshi themselves were surprised when they understood we were traveling to their country and asked “why” and at some […]

2021 travels – another year gone under restrictions

We all started 2021 wishing and hoping the pandemic will be gone along with all the restrictions. We were so, oh so wrong! Not that the pandemic didn’t end but new variants came in place for which almost all Greek alphabet was used. Anyways, I managed to take a few trips during the year. I […]

Four days in Zanzibar: The Spices Island

Zanzibar has been my dream destination for a very long time and I spent four days in Zanzibar with a good friend back in 2019. When I decided to move to Africa and work with UNMISS in South Sudan, I knew that Zanzibar will be the first place I will visit. And the best thing […]