Pristina, Kosovo

Many visitors notice one common thing regardless of where they come from: Kosovars are friendly and amazing people. Most of the stories I’ve heard or read about Kosovo emphasize this fact.

This is also what Anjeline – my protagonist of this post says. This is another post within the series of Kosovo Foreigners Say which will be running once a month until the end of this year.

How did I come to know about Anjeline?

Anjeline had asked a question about Kosovo in the Girls Love Travel Facebook Group. I responded (as I always try to inform whoever wants to visit or move as much as I can about my little country). Then time passed and life swept me in my own things and I kinda forget about her moving here. But, Kosovo is small and I recognized Anjeline when I met her at Mervetilla’s birthday party.

She is from the USA and heard about Kosovo when she applied for an international school fair and my little country was on the list. Although she didn’t know much about the country, she decided to move to Kosovo when she received an offer. She knew it was going to be a learning experience regardless!

Kosovars are friendly and amazing people

She loves that Kosovars are friendly and amazing people in this country. Anjeline says “People are willing to help when you need it and go the extra mile to do so.” This applies to those who work in different establishments, including her coworkers.

What doesn’t Anjeline like about Kosovo?

What she doesn’t like about Kosovo is related to what she likes about it. As friendly as people are, she highly dislikes the fact that many men in Kosovo feel the need to holler and call out when she is walking around in the street. Anjeline says she feels extremely uncomfortable walking around without a man by her side and that is so unfortunate.

According to Anjeline, a MUST see while in Kosovo are the Rugova Mountains.

Courtesy of Anjeline
Kosovars are friendly and amazing people

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