Pristina, Kosovo

Kosovo New Born

Sarah Sullivan decided to visit Kosovo back in 2015. She’s originally from New Zealand but lives in the United Arab Emirates. Sarah blogs at The Crazy Kiwi Abroad about her travels (she’s been to over 50 countries – one of them is Kosovo) and you can also follow her adventures on Instagram.

Sarah doesn’t recall exactly when she heard about Kosovo but points out that it’s not an area they learn at school about. She thinks she probably heard about it during her travels and decided to visit Kosovo. She stayed for about 10 days during her visit in Kosovo.

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Saint Demetrius, Mitrovica, Kosovo
Courtesy of Sarah Sullivan

What didn’t she like about Kosovo?

Sarah didn’t like the tensions that were present at the time (2015) between Kosovo Albanians and Serbians. She saw many missing people posters while visiting, plastered on the fences and streetlights and it was so sad to see so many people whose lives have been affected by these tragic tensions.

What did she like about Kosovo?

As with almost every other visitor, the friendly people were the highlight of Sarah’s visit to Kosovo as well. As she says, everyone is so inviting, warm and glad that Kosovo got visitors. Sarah shares an example of how friendly people were to her. She was walking to some Roman ruins and it was quite a walk to there. Numerous cars pulled over an offered her a ride, being hesitant she declined. One particular driver had limited English so he rang a friend to translate for her and to convince me he just wanted to show her the ruins. He kindly showed Sarag around the ruins and dropped her back to the bus with his friend translating on the phone the whole time.


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visit Kosovo

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