I walked to Pistachio Sweets to look around and probably grab something (although I’m not into sweets lately as I used to be) and picked the square pistachio sweet in the picture.

The other one looked also fabulous and I’d have taken it too a couple of months back but now I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to eat both.

When I went to pay the guy said it’s free. Me, unused to getting free things (unless it’s my birthday or some other special day) was confused and first asked “why” then after the second “it’s free” with a smile in his face managed to say thank you and leave.

Strangely enough, I felt like running away without paying 😂 I kinda felt embarrassed and like a thief. I guess I should get used to just accept things with a thank you and a smile in my face.

Finally, the reason why I’m posting about this is not about the money I saved, it’s about the gesture. It’s never about the money you spend in making someone feel good and special; it’s about the thought, the idea of taking time to think and do something about a person.

In this holidays season, spend some time and think about the people you care for and the ones who care for you. Don’t let yourself be carried away by the materialistic world.

Give love!

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