In addition to me (lol) here are my favorite Albanian Instagrammers to follow in case you are planning to visit Kosovo and/or Albania and want to have an idea of what to expect or you just want to see its beauty and/or share with others.

P.S. there is no ranking of importance, but someone has to start the list, right? So I decided to put this IGers alphabetically!

Agim Kajtazi – Agim’s pictures of nature make you go out there and enjoy all the beauty Kosovo offer. In addition to nature, Agim posts also portraits of people which are so expressive and make you think and try to understand what goes on in their heads.


Arben Llapashtica – Arben is not only a photographer, but he is also a cameraman and a documentary filmmaker. I’ve already used some of his pictures on my blog (with his permission) and have done a shoutout to his profile in my IG story. If you’re looking for pictures of Kosovo’s marvelous nature – Arben has them. If you’re looking for animal pictures – yes, you got them here, people’s pictures – oh yes, he has them too. Check out one of his latest pictures. Breathtaking, isn’t it?


Bleron Çaka – describes himself as a landscape and outdoor enthusiast; thus, you can see all those amazing pictures of nature in his profile. He will have his website soon, so look out for it and get inspired to visit Kosovo. This picture below is his latest (posted on Instagram) and shows the beautiful nature Kosovo has and that in several layers. He, recently, won an international photo competition.


Egzon Bytyqi – is another talented Kosovo photographer who brings to his 43k+ followers amazing captures of nature and people interacting or just enjoying the beauty Kosovo and other places Egzon visits. One of his last pictures posted on Instagram has the caption of “Black bodies”. See it for yourself!


Girl in Albania – A Dutch girl who fell in love with Albania. Her pictures depict her wonderful experience in Albania and as they say “a picture is worth a thousand words” when you see her pictures you can understand why Albania took her heart and what are you missing out in not visiting this wonderful country. This is one of my favorite pictures of hers.


Lil Berisha – is another IGer to follow if you want to get inspired about Kosovo. His pictures express a variety of places, adventures, and activities that are possible to be done in Kosovo. His pictures look so alive and make you daydream about places he pictures and experiences he shares with his followers.


Ramadan Besim – his description in his Instagram profile says “aiming to get Albania known to the world” and this is what he does by posting pictures of different parts of not only Albania but also other parts inhabited to Albanians. Check out a picture of him from the beautiful city of Berat, inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Valter Zhara – pictures of Valter are full of nature, waters, reflections, and breathtaking skies. Even without reading the intro in his profile, one can notice his love for mountains. One of his latest picture I love is the one from Pëllumbas, Tirana.


Do you follow some other Albanian Instagrammers I should know about? Write their accounts in the comment section so I don’t miss out on the beauty of my two favorite countries!

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  1. Wow, some amazing photographers – thanks for sharing. Would love to drive through Albania, although we can’t get insurance! One day hopefully. Kx

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