My first blog was supposed to be happy, welcoming one. I’d be announcing the blog and welcoming you to Kosovo Girl Travels and all the good blog posts to come.

When I was buying the domain, I faced one of the most common obstacles: my Kosovo bank cards were declined. That wouldn’t be a good sign if I’d believe in the old Albanian saying “A good day is seen in the morning”. I consulted a friend about my problem and he offered to help and pay for my domain. He lives outside Kosovo and has a foreign bank card, and thanks to him – voilà!

Kosovo Girl Travels
Hello stranger

Anyways, I don’t want to make the introduction sad; there’ll be plenty of such cases, unfortunately, and I will be sharing those stories here. I will also be sharing the good stories, the amazing stories, the weird stories, and all of what’s out there.

What is Kosovo Girl Travels about?

The stories you’ll be reading are about my travels around the world and stories about what other travelers might expect to see and experience in Kosovo. I will also be presenting you with opinions of other travelers to Kosovo and what they liked or didn’t when visiting but also with opinions of foreigners who live here.

Therefore, keep an eye on here and subscribe if you want to be the first to get the posts when I hit that PUBLISH button.

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