Two weeks in Thailand: What to do and see

I had seen pictures of the beautiful long tail boats in Thailand beaches all over the internet. That made me want to be there and spend some time in one of them. However, years went by and I didn’t fully realize that dream of mine. Then two things happened: 1. A friend spent her honeymoon […]

What happened in Thailand?

I wrote a post for Kosovo 2.0 about my visa issues in Thailand during my visit there in February. Apart from having a fantastic two-week vacation and meeting several new people and making new friends, I had to face what many Kosovo citizens face – visa issue at the passport control.

Travels gone wrong – stories from travel bloggers

Although through the social media we, travel bloggers, but also every other person might give the idea that life is so easy and perfect (of course, when you apply so many filters and leave out the issues faced) and travel is a piece of cake; the reality is that in many cases travel is a […]

10 things to do on a long layover in Dubai

Last year, on my way back from Thailand I flew through the United Arab Emirates, so decided to spend a long layover in Dubai. Neha Sing, a blogger at Dubai Wikia walks us through ten things one can do during their layover there. What to do on a long layover in Dubai So your trip’s itinerary has […]

Kosovo Girl Travels: Seen on…

As a blogger, it’s also important to be in good relations with other bloggers by writing for their sites, doing collaborations, and even being on the media to talk about your job. Being the first travel blogger from Kosovo has given me the advantage to be more vocal and be invited to talk in TV […]