Visit beautiful Prizren: the old Kosovo city

It doesn’t matter what season you decide to visit Prizren, it is beautiful all year long. This old Kosovo city looks gorgeous in winter; covered all in the snow, with the colorful houses and the castle at the top of it which provides for a wonderful view of the city and surrounding. Prizren looks also […]

Kosovo – in love with nature and people

There is a huge international community living in Kosovo. It is slightly less than it used to be right after the war in 1999; however, it is still at a considerable number. Some of its members moved here due to their work and some came to visit and fell in love and then came back […]

4 days in Kosovo – an appetizer that made me hungry for more!

I met Paulina in Pristina when she was visiting back in October last year. Initially, from the way she was speaking with her friend, I thought she was German (yep, Luxembourgish sounded to me like German). Anyway, we spent some time in one of my favorite places in Pristina, Dit’ e Nat’, and talked about […]

Kosovo: Is it worth a visit?

Kosovo turned 10 years old this February so I decided to reach out to 10 travel bloggers who have visited Kosovo and ask a few questions to find out what they thought of Kosovo. As a Kosovo citizen I could be (and I am) subjective at times; therefore, reading what foreigners have to say about […]

10 attractions to visit in Kosovo on its 10th independence anniversary

With only ten days away from the 10th anniversary of Kosovo independence, I wanted to give you a list of ten attractions to visit in my country. Although many people visiting Balkans skip Kosovo because of this or that reason, if you are reading this you should not be doing that. Kosovo has a lot […]