Visit beautiful Prizren: the old Kosovo city

It doesn’t matter what season you decide to visit Prizren, it is beautiful all year long. This old Kosovo city looks gorgeous in winter; covered all in the snow, with the colorful houses and the castle at the top of it which provides for a wonderful view of the city and surrounding. Prizren looks also […]

A day trip to Pristina, Kosovo

A day trip to Pristina, Kosovo is doable from Skopje and that’s what Alex Block did. I found out about him while going through Instagram and looking for what people post about Kosovo. I started following him on Instagram since his travels are inspiring – although he goes to places Kosovo citizens cannot enter yet on […]

Is Kosovo a holiday destination?

Kosovo a holiday destination? Not many people think so (including locals). Read the story below to understand what this is all about. I met Rohan and Max when they visited Pristina, Kosovo. Rohan comes from New Zealand and owns the Travels Of A Bookpacker blog where she shares her travel experiences, tips and what not. We […]

Why visit Kamenica? – Jakob explains

Who would have thought to visit Kamenica while in Kosovo? Most of the tourists (and locals) visit Prizren whenever they have a free day. Even I don’t think of Kamenica as a town I’d go for a visit. You could find me there only if I have something to do or someone to visit. In 2014, […]

Kosovo – in love with nature and people

There is a huge international community living in Kosovo. It is slightly less than it used to be right after the war in 1999; however, it is still at a considerable number. Some of its members moved here due to their work and some came to visit and fell in love and then came back […]