They said don’t go to Jordan – it’s unsafe!

As a Kosovo citizen, in possession of only a Kosovo passport, the list of countries where I can travel visa-free or visa on arrival is relatively short (only 41 and this number also has to be confirmed). I had set myself a goal to reach 30 countries by 30 years old; however, working full time, […]

Jordanian hospitality

I walked to Pistachio Sweets to look around and probably grab something (although I’m not into sweets lately as I used to be) and picked the square pistachio sweet in the picture. The other one looked also fabulous and I’d have taken it too a couple of months back but now I’m sure I wouldn’t […]

Your guide to Juba, South Sudan

Juba, the capital of South Sudan, is not a place people think of or are advised to visit. When I decided to move to South Sudan (in Yambio), my family and friends were worried about my safety and security, and for sure it doesn’t help at all knowing that the country is among the most […]

How did my 2019 go and my 2020 travel plans

If you’ve read my 2018 post and my 2019 travel plans and have followed me, you know for sure that I didn’t make it to the countries I was hoping to go. However, it was a good year generally speaking in terms of travel.  Where did I travel to during 2019? I began 2019 in […]

Visit Djibouti – one of the least visited countries in the world

I have to confess that Djibouti was not in my list of travels planned (and I’m not talking for this year but not at all on my radar). I was planning my trip to Ethiopia and for some unknown reason to me at the moment I thought since I’m going to Danakil Depression, I might […]